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Posted over 8 years ago by Lori Norris

Dear Colleague,

Our NP audience asked us for these courses and we deliver--all in our state-of-the-art home, Driscoll Hall on the campus of Villanova University. Courses on pharmacology, x-ray interpretation and suturing were developed by NPs with the targeted information you require for your practice.

Pharmacology for Nurse Practitioners

Go to the expert -- a PharmD -- to help you make better sense of two complicated topics: anticoagulant management and medications for autoimmune disorders. Review the pathophysiology of conditions that commonly require anticoagulant therapy. Find out how specialists decipher the intricacies of prescribing anticoagulants. Better understand the potential causes and medications used to treat patients with autoimmune disorders. Find out what's on the horizon in terms of treatment options for these patients Register now!

Interpreting Chest and Abdominal X-Rays

An introductory course for you to enhance your understanding of normal and abnormal x-rays. Common radiologic signs will be included. There will be ample opportunity to review films and discuss findings related to pneumothorax, infiltrates, pleural effusion, masses, increased interstitial markings, CHF, atelectasis, pneumonia, increased vascularity, obstructions, landmarks, and the presence of air and fluid. Boost your confidence in the management of your patients. Register now!


Suture Workshop

This hands-on workshop is designed for APNs. It provides a unique opportunity to obtain wound assessment and management skills useful in everyday practice. You'll learn techniques such as wound anesthesia, suture selection, wound glue and digital blocks. Working with porcine tissue mannequins, you will practice three different suturing techniques: simple interrupted, running and mattress stitches. All supplies are provided including disposable suture kits that can be taken home for additional practice. Acquiring these skills can enhance your job performance as well as marketability. Enrollment is limited in order to optimize the learning experience. Register now!