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PCNP - A way to remove the co-signature requirement in long term care (LTC) settings

Posted over 8 years ago by Lori Norris

Dear Colleagues:

PCNP has been working with the Department of Health to figure out a way to remove the co-signature requirement in long term care (LTC) settings. We have made significant progress by partnering with other stakeholders, and now the ‘fix’ to this requirement has been proposed, and the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) is seeking feedback from the public. By omitting the language from the regulation that requires our notes to be cosigned, it will fix this as a requirement! Below is the notification from IRRC about this regulation for your reference.

How Can I Help?

As you recall from last year, when regulations are up for revision, IRRC allows a period of public comment. You were all AWESOME at submitting comments for our CRNP regulations! We need to hear from you again stating this proposed change is worthwhile, and will increase access to care! Even if you aren’t one of our NPs working in LTC, we would still like you to submit a letter of support as soon as you can! If you work for a LTC facility, please request they send in comments supporting the changes. If you have a family member who resides in LTC and has a NP as a PCP, speak up that this change is for the best!


Where Do I Send My Comments (email or regular mail)?

Chairman Arthur Coccodrilli

Independent Regulatory Review Commission

333 Market Street, 14th Floor

Harrisburg, PA 17101

Email: irrc@irrc.state.pa.us


When Will the Hearing at IRRC Take Place?

Thursday, September 16th at 10 am, Harrisburg, PA.

I will be submitting comments on behalf of PCNP, and Morgan Plant and I will be present for the hearing to answer any questions that may come up. Thank you all for your help. I’ll keep you posted if I learn of any updates.


Best regards,

Susan M. Schrand, MSN, CRNP

Executive Director

Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners

P.O. Box 545

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Ph/Fax (717) 766-4458

Cell (215) 512-0011




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