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FNP Student Seeking a Pediatric Rotation Preceptor

Posted about 2 years ago by Lori Norris

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My name is Lauren O'Keefe. I am currently completing Thomas Jefferson University's Family Nurse Practitioner Program. I am reaching out to the PACNP group in the hopes that someone might be able to assist me in my quest to locate a pediatric rotation for the spring of 2017.I reside in the Pittsburgh, PA but am willing to travel for this rotation! While the majority of my professional career has been spent providing care to the adult population, my first two rotation sites provide primary care to pediatric patients.I also completed an internship at the Children's Institute during the completion of my first degree. Consequently, I will have some experience providing care to the pediatric population before entering this course. The requirement for this course is 224 clinical hours. It is permissible to complete these hours at a family practice with a large pediatric population. These hours may be completed with a nurse practitioner or a physician. Please do not be intimidated by these hours as they may be completed with more than one provider. Enclosed you will find a copy of my CV and documents entailing preceptor guidelines. References will be provided upon request. I can be reached at lmo003@jefferson.edu or (724) 816-9222. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Lauren O'Keefe

Lauren O'Keefe, BS, BSN, RN
Thomas Jefferson University
Family/Individual Across Lifespan Nurse Practitioner Student
(724) 816-9222