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SENATE BILL 717-Need Your Help

Posted over 2 years ago by Lori Norris

I am writing to ask you a favor! We need everyone to contact their house representative to ask them to support SB 717 and to urge Chairwoman Harhart to bring SB 717 to a committee vote!! We only have 9 days once the representatives return to session to get the bill moving or it will die in committee!

You may have noticed that we are no longer including HB 765 in our communications. That is because SB 717 took over as the primary bill in the House as soon as the Senate passed it. Any bill must pass both chambers in order to become law.

Please contact you house member. To find the contact information

See the example letters below.

Please email me once you have sent the email or made the call. Please also let me know which house member you contacted. We are trying to keep track of who we are reaching!!

Thank you!!!

Donald Bucher
Care for Pa Representative

Supporters can call and leave a two-sentence message:

"I'm calling to say that as a constituent, I support the nurse practitioner bill SB 717 and I hope Representative [NAME] will too. Please ask Representative [NAME] to urge Chairwoman Harhart to bring SB 717 for a committee vote ASAP. Thank you."

Or supporters can email a single paragraph, such as:

Dear Representative, I write to ask for your support for SB 717, which will modernize Pennsylvania's nurse practitioner law. The bill will help patients by improving health care quality, decreasing costs, and expanding access. AARP Pennsylvania and the Hospital Association of PA support SB 717 and I hope you will too. Please urge the Honorable Rep. Julie Harhart to bring SB 717 for a committee vote as soon as possible.